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PD (2019)

PD Fag short film

Olivier Lallart’s short film FAG (French: PD) portrays the sexual awakening of a high school student (Paul Gomerieux) after a kiss with the school’s notorious womanizer, Esteban (Jacques Lepesqueur), during a game of ‘truth or dare’. It’s intimately shot, providing a look at the pillars supporting homophobia. In support of this theme, the dialogue alludes to how religion has rewritten the history of homosexuality by denouncing the normality of liberal love that existed in the ancient times, long before Christianity.

The short film comes alive with sexual tension, a ravenous hunger for empathy and the need to not be villainized for belonging to a minority. Every element, from the men’s superb acting to the sensuous cinematography, fits to make this one of the fastest-spreading, and most gripping, short films on YouTube.

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Daddy (2019)

Daddy 2019 short film

Christian Coppola’s Daddy delivers a bitter-sweet delight, tearing down walls, social taboos, and fear of loneliness in view of humanity, companionship and a sense of love and respect. Dylan Sprouse plays a male escort hired by a sincerely sad, 80-year-old man (Ron Rifkin) to celebrate the anniversary of his wife’s death. Rifkin’s performance takes the project to a whole new level.

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CTRL Z (2017)

Ctrl Z short film

James Kennedy’s Ctrl Z is a 25 minute-long sci-fi exploring the idea of time travel and the human need for love. A hopelessly romantic guy (Edward Easton) uses a time and space-defying gadget to impress the girl of his dreams, regardless of the morbid cost. Refreshing and witty, this short film features great acting, dry humour and an ending that slaps you right across the face.

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The Neighbors’ Window (2019)

The Neighbors' Window short film

Inspired by a true story, The Neighbors’ Window is written and directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Marshall Curry, and explores a middle-aged woman’s dull life – at least until her new, young neighbours move in across her flat. A short film about how our minds choose to focus on what we lack and how the grass is always greener on the other side.

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The Village (1993)

The Village short film

From the maker of Peppa Pig, The Village is a short film about a small, secluded community, in which gossip and envy weave their way into the hearts of the locals. When one person decides to break the cycle of nosiness and meanness, the hypocrisy of the church-goers will come crushing down on their deadly sins.

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Whiplash (2013)

Whiplash 2013 short film

Damien Chazelle submitted his short film to the Sundance Film Festival in 2013, winning the Jury Award, and then got the necessary funds to turn it into a proper feature film. This insight into the world of a conservatory band rehearsal shows the first-time interaction between a ferocious jazz teacher and a new drum player. The slow built-up leads to an explosive climax, with the teacher shoving his student into a corner – but it’s enough to convince you to watch the full-length version.

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