Jewish masculinity

The Jewish Male Body

When we think about the Jewish male body, two contrasting images usually come to mind. The first, linked to the Israel Defense Forces, reflects a “tough” individual, both militarised and brawny. The second presents a gentle and delicate Jew, a yielding man hunched over the Torah. This depiction is closely associated with the Eastern European […]

Soldiers at war

Film Propaganda: World War I

Today, World War I brings to mind unprecedented carnage, as well as the manipulation of morality that left soldiers dealing not only with physical deformity, but an agnoised mind. The reason for the outbreak of the war seems confusing to us even today, and is often quickly bypassed in school. So what role did film […]

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Captured: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Through the Lens

The Nakba (literally “catastrophe”) is generally known as the 1948 Palestinian exodus, which was the central component of the splintering, dispossession and displacement of the Palestinian society. In the process, between 400 and 600 Palestinian villages were demolished. Almost 20 years after the Nakba, the second conflict in 1967 led to the Naksa (“the defeat”). […]


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