Embrace of the Serpent film review

Embrace of the Serpent

“In this journey he must find out, in solitude and silence, who he truly is” In his 2015 Colombian adventure drama Embrace of the Serpent (Spanish: El Albrazo de la Serpiente), Ciro Guerra writes and directs a cinematic journey down the Amazon basin, plunging into its well-hidden secrets, much like Werner Herzog in his epic adventure Fitzcarraldo (1982).Continue reading “Embrace of the Serpent”

Elisa and Marcela film review

Elisa & Marcela

“Reading your words is the closest thing to touching you” In her biographical romantic drama Elisa & Marcela (2019), Catalan director Isabel Coixet uses an artistically promising black and white canvas to bring visibility to the story of Marcela Gracias Ibeas and Elisa Sanchez Loriga, who got married in 1901, marking the first same-sex marriageContinue reading “Elisa & Marcela”

I Am Kalam film review

I Am Kalam

“Do you believe that destiny makes a man, or his actions?” Nila Madhab Panda’s Indian drama I Am Kalam (2010) was produced by the charity Smile Foundation, an NGO for poor child education in India. As its production struggles to compete with the lavishness of Bollywood, the film directs a microscope lens at the contemporaryContinue reading “I Am Kalam”


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