Films: Uncharted Cook Off

Cook Off (Smoke and Mirrors)

“We all encounter difficulties” Tomas Brickhill’s 2017 Zimbabwean romantic drama Cook Off defied all odds when it was picked up by Netflix. Unfortunately, its severe filming conditions make it one of the hardest films to review, putting into question the essence of art. What is more crucial to its transcendence – quality or spirit? SingleContinue reading “Cook Off (Smoke and Mirrors)”

Films: Uncharted Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes (and Mind)

“It’s not important what you see, but what I see. It’s my dream” Everyone seems to know Cameron Crowe’s Vanilla Sky (2001), starring Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz, but what about the original 1997 film Open Your Eyes (Spanish: Abre los ojos)? The Spanish/French/Italian co-production was critically acclaimed back in the day, but Alejandro Amenábar’s second directorial attempt remains, more thanContinue reading “Open Your Eyes (and Mind)”


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