Films: Uncharted Heroic Losers Film Movie Review

Heroic Losers (win)

“People that follow the rules end up being synonyms for fool” Observing the domino effect of world history unfolding, past economic disasters around the world seem to be easily replaced by new ones, leaving the people to count their losses and deal with the trauma of a system that is bound to fail, until itContinue reading “Heroic Losers (win)”

Palm Trees in the Snow Film Review

Palm Trees in the Snow (or ash)

“Life is a tornado. Peace, fury…and then peace again.” Fernando González Molina’s Spanish romantic drama Palm Trees in the Snow (Spanish: Palmeras en la nieve, 2015) is based on the 2012 novel of the same name, written by Luz Gabás. Its premise spans decades, and captures a multitude of topics that never cease to mouldContinue reading “Palm Trees in the Snow (or ash)”


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