What Happened, Miss Simone? (2015)

What Happened, Miss Simone documentary recommendation

The documentary presents the world-renowned singer Nina Simone (1933 – 2003) in a fragile way, illuminating both the storm raging on inside a burdened mind, and the gradual unravelling of a soul. When she wanted to let her voice flow in support of the civil rights movement (1954 – 1968), not only was her record “Mississippi Goddamn” rejected by radio stations, but it was sent back in shards and pieces.

The singer’s personal life is also touched upon, revealing abusive relationships that engulfed not only Nina herself, but her daughter, who speaks of her mother with the reverence of a bystander, but also the trepidation of a maltreated child. The documentary looks at history, the harmful effects of our idolization of others, mental health, equality, abuse, and the ceaseless quest for happiness.

Available on: Netflix, iTunes, Amazon

Women at War 1914-1918 (2014)

Women at War 1914-1918

History has seemingly forgotten women’s indispensable role during the war. They kept the factories running, often fueling them with their own dying breaths. They crafted weapons and became clerks. For every job a man had before the war, there was a woman ready to continue in his absence.

Upon their return, men felt unsettled and threatened. Hence, despite the women’s suffrage movement taking place before the war, women’s rights would be set screechingly back for years to come. A beautiful, heartbreaking and stirring homage to the unnamed victims of the war. To witness history repeating itself, make sure to watch Netflix’s Women at War 1939-1945 (2015).

Available on: Netflix

A Secret Love (2020)

A Secret Love documentary

This true story of timeless love casts light on the impossible reality of those, who had to hide their love for their same-sex partners during the years when violence and persecution were the first and only response of the public. In the thick of the unfathomable hatred towards them, two women not only opened themselves up to a dangerous connection that drew them closer, but held onto it for dear life.

This documentary is a tear-jerker, particularly because it highlights the lives that were half-lived, stripped bare by the animosity of strangers and the inhumane laws set in place to reduce hounded individuals to a subhuman category.

Available on: Netflix

The Inventor: Out For Blood in Silicon Valley (2019)

Theranos documentary

Ambition has never seemed so dehumanising. A complex tale of manipulation, subversive autosuggestion, blind ambition and dilapidated sanity. Gripping, eerie and foreboding. A must-see.

Available on: Amazon, HBO Go, Google Play Movies

The Social Dilemma (2020)

The Social Dilemma documentary

This documentary is quite possibly the most terrifying thing you will ever see, simply because of its roots in reality. Drawing on the lesser-known uses of social media, including military operations and political journey to totalitarianism, we see a deep-dive into the weapon we both feed, and allow to feed on us. Simply spectacular.

Available on: Netflix

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