Skam (2015 – 2017)

Skam series

This Norwegian teen drama follows the lives of a group of teenagers at the Hartvig Nissen School. Through its uniquely Scandinavian filming style, the series delves into the struggles of the human spirit, portraying the heart-rendering complexities of the relationships we form in our youth. Raw and spellbinding, the show has something to offer every age group.

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Russian Doll (2019 – )

Russian Doll recommendation

Few things seem worse than dying over and over again, only to relive the same harrowing night and try to get to the bottom of one’s swelling madness. With its heavy ambience, contagious restlessness and intricate character study, this show is a memorable watch.

Available on: Netflix

Raised by Wolves (2020)

Raised by Wolves series

Aaron Guzikowski’s world, ravaged by human hatred, lures you to the recesses of the cosmos. But even in the sci-fi reality shaped by seemingly perfect androids, human nature cannot be tamed – or evaded. The war between the followers of Sol and atheists can be seen as the timeless struggle of the mind and the heart. And with the first two episodes directed by Ridley Scott, time spills through clenched fingers.

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Green Frontier (2019)

Green Frontier Frontera Verde series

The jungle whispers, murmurs, hums. It slithers into the mind and buzzes with the fightful tales of the beasts that prowl among the trees, waiting. Madness ceases to have any meaning far from civilisation. It is merely another term for clarity.

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Available on: Netflix

The Politician (2019)

The Politician series

Fast-paced, unapologetically ambitious, comfortably fluid. This show is as thrilling to watch as it is complex in character study. Everyone bursts at the seams with the colour of their multi-dimensional minds, providing exciting input into the ever-evolving story. It steers clear of labels and shocks with its honesty about human nature and virtue. A true delight.

Available on: Netflix

Kingdom (2019)

Kingdom Korean Series

The show’s ability to preserve the unyielding tightness of the string of suspense and dread the whole time is truly remarkable. The quality of production alone makes Kingdom outshine most films, but its dedication to fine details, historical ambience and all-consuming storytelling makes it one of the greatest series of the past decade.

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Available on: Netflix, Acorn TV Amazon Channel

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