Top 3 Picks – May

Films: Uncharted top 3 picks of the month

3 . Bad Seeds (2018)

Netflix Bad Seeds Films: uncharted

In third place we have this French comedy-drama, which blends dread and humour so seamlessly, that it leaves bruises. Carving out moments of raucous laughter that stem from sorrow and reflection, this film easily finds its way into our top three picks this month.

2 . The Man from Nowhere (2010)

Won Bin in The Man from Nowhere

This South Korean action film is sublimely intense, plunging you into a world of senses. Won Bin steals the spotlight with his sleek performance, only enhanced by the poignant plot.

1 . Sky Blue/ Wonderful Days (2003)

Jay in Sky Blue Wonderful Days

The first prize this month goes to this South Korean masterpiece, with its forward-thinking storytelling and unique ability to convey and instill a different set of cultural values. It inspires as much as it thrills, capturing the essence of human struggle.

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