Bad Seeds Film Review

Bad Seeds

“A problem child is a child with problems”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Kheiron’s 2018 French comedy-drama film Bad Seeds (French: Mauvaises herbes) follows Waël, a scam artist with a troubled past, who finds himself entertaining a group of troubled teenagers in a youth center. His investment in their lives shifts from shallow to yawn-wide as his gut starts bubbling with sympathy. Throughout it all, he is aided by his partner in crime Monique (Catherine Deneuve), who sees to it that he doesn’t stray too far from the path of moderate righteousness.

As heart-warming as the film’s premise sounded at first, it echoed the witty BBC series Bad Education in its portrayal of a grown man befriending a group of misbehaving teens. However, that comparison quickly halted somewhere in the recesses of my mind.

The pulsating colours and angled shots gradually peel layers off the film’s surface, revealing a heart-tugging story about an orphan’s journey from foreign suburbs to the heart of France. The film’s sparkling humour is mixed with constantly fizzling conflict, capturing the bittersweet complexity of human connection.

Perhaps the most thrilling ingredient of Kheiron’s storytelling is his ability to dip in and out of harrowing experiences within a blink, leaving us to reel back from the blow. He keeps us on our toes, never knowing when a chuckle might slip into a gruffer sound. Much like the 2011 masterpiece The Intouchables, the film traces the partition between drama and comedy, fusing vulnerability with unyielding inner strength.

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